Safely Soaked by sprinkler protection

'Home Bushfire Protection Systems' has been designing & installing home fire protection systems for 20 years. The fire protection systems used were developed by owner/operator, Jay Dusek over a three year period to be effective in domestic & small business applications.

Jay Dusek's previous experience was in heavy industry but always, fire and safety were at the immediate forefront of his work. His training with The National Safety Council in Sale Victoria was in fire fighting techniques with high-pressure Oil and Gas fires, Jay worked on Oil Rigs in Bass Strait for a number of years, during this time he was responsible for safety, all explosive situations, toxic gases, and fire hazards. During the time on the Oil Rigs Jay supervised and was involved in the upgrading and change out of all the fire fighting systems.

Jay has been involved with the CFA (Country Fire Authority) in Victoria for over 20 years but his history dates back to 1968 when he was working in the area of hydrography, and was drafted into fighting bushfires in Belgrave and Upwey where houses were lost and others saved. His interest grew from that time on; he constantly investigated ways to improve the chances of saving houses during bushfires. He has kept track of causal, plus end effects of different bushfires, and after the occurrence of the 'Ash Wednesday' fires in 1982, was able to further his research significantly.

Jay keeps in touch with leading edge technology in the area of fire protection. All this has put him in a unique position to provide a service that is highly specialised yet affordable for the domestic market.

          Prepare early - Don't get caught                                    Don't wait, till it's too late                                    Prepare early - Don't get caught                                    Don't wait, till it's too late